IT and Cleaning Professionals (Indiana's 1st)

IT-CLEANPRO offers unprecedented $500 server trade-in credit with purchase of new FileSafe Server! Servers: “expensive and maintenance hungry”,…but The Award Winning FileSafe server changes all that for just pennies per hour,  “Data Insurance”  is business safe.

 Get a full featured “server” with integrated offsite backup, unlimited users and exclusive "Watch Bot" managed service.  Why buy an airplane every-time you fly???  Then why buy a “server”??    Do You Have Time For This???  You have a business to run, who is watching the “door” while you’re messing with the server???

 Let our skilled “technical pilots” - fly it for you,  NO Worry is the Promise for just $199 per month.  “Everything is included” – “nothing else to buy”

 Don’t “crash & burn”….our service will protect “today" so you NEVER have a bad tomorrow.   IT-CLEANPRO is that “service you can trust”. Local owned and operated. Right here in INDIANA…..not some far off land….. Bad things happen”, fires, storms, water…you name it??  we can be at your place FAST. 

 Trade in your old server and pay only $495 for a new one!

Only FileSafe comes with a "Cancel Anytime" Satisfaction Guarantee. Don't pay thousands of dollars up-front for a server you can't upgrade. FileSafe is simpler, safer and “MORE SERCURE!!! ….Call us TODAY:  317-293-0693

Business Owners and Managers; Do you have the time to learn complex computers (hardware/software), then maintain your facilities too?? You are focused on the your business, only having time to learn the essentials to keep you in control.
Everyone knows computers/servers and facilities need service and cleaning. ITcleanPro puts the emphases on what you care about most. Leave all the "tech-talk", complexity, maintenance and worry to someone that understands it. WE are serious about helping you.


We are “personalized not franchised”.
ITCLEANPRO (317) 293-0619