How a Janitor compliments....

How a Janitor compliments your IT hardware: in our ever changing work environment, Janitor’s occupation skills have changed. They are more computer literate than ever before. They are required to operate and maintain sophisticated and hi-tech cleaning electrical equipment (i.e. buffers, vacuums, brooms, etc). This, in its self, gives them knowledge of what a computer is, the cost of, and just how important it is to daily activities of a business. Most now have personal computers, get email, search the web, make reports, order supplies, etc. Computers are a part of their everyday life, just like you and me. Today, they are truly professionals; with varied and unique skills set that require training and education to perform their duties. In the past, janitors where uneducated with limited skills, they were thrown in to the computer driven work environment without an appreciation of what a computer does and/or how vulnerable it was to their abuse. They ran over power and network cables, banged buffers into computers, sprayed water on them, unplugged them, and did about anything to them, but treated them correctly. This includes the computers associated equipment (printers, scanners, faxes, etc). Janitors can cause you “pain”. Sometimes they did not clean anywhere close to them, poor cleaning job. Has this happen to you?? You go home at night and in the morning things are not working. It usually happens at the worst time, you are at a meeting, at a customer’s location or facing a deadline. Your staff is now not working, everyone is running pointing fingers, you are trying to manage a “work around “, and at the same time trying to figure out what is wrong. Of course by now, you got a $150.00 an hour tech coming this afternoon. Do you really need this??

How we help: ITCLEANPRO clean staff receives training to work/clean in the computer work environment. They are taught what cables are, (Network, Phone, USB, Power, etc). They are taught not to unplug your Hardware, so as to plug their equipment in. They perform a good visual inspection of the hardware, noting lights and indicators. They are taught to spot problems, not cause them. They know their company is responsible and they act responsible. If they, see, hear, smell something outside the norm, they call, annotate or report the situation to our technical staff for resolve. This is our proactive approach to keep you up and running (NO Worry). We are on the job, and this is all transparent to you. You may get a note indicating your printer is low on ink, your fax needs paper. As an additional service, we trust our cleaning staffs to load and remove tapes/ disc to insure your data is save from disasters. This is a must, and is as easy as putting a tape in a VCR.


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