Why use us....

We feature:

Our primary focus is to provide affordable, onsite computer and cleaning services to meet your specific business needs. We are “personalized not franchised”.

How it works:

Just call our Helpdesk (317) 536-2876, and your call is channeled to the right professional….and NO a janitor is not working on your computer. We are a ONE POINT of CONTACT, a TURN KEY operation, like getting in your car, starting it and everything works. Our Goal is: “take the pain away” so you can focus on your business. (NO Worry). Outsourcing to our services is the process of contracting with our organization to provide real time support with technicians and janitors with their individual skills-sets that are matched to compliment your business needs. This puts you in control and allows you to concentrate, without being bogged down with all sorts of technical computer and cleaning concerns. “personalized not franchised”.

Here are some of the benefits:

We make it easy. We promise. Just call one company for all your technical and cleaning needs. We support residential and small business at affordable rates. We make it easy for you to evaluate our services at no risk. We have partner with FileEngine the “No Worry” best value Server on the market today and Wiresoft the smart, secure, connected firewall.


We are “personalized not franchised”.
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